Arkellia Design

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Arkellia Design is a branch of Arkellia ( and was founded by Laetitia Barbu to integrate Collaborative Design into different activities and projects within Arkellia. Design as strategy: within the “Design thinking” approach and particularly “Design Driven Innovation”. “Design-driven innovation” is an approach that describes how to design an innovation that provides the customer with a new meaning.

Laetitia Barbu – France

Head of Arkellia and Arkellia Design, Consultant (Arkellia) and Project manager/Artistic director. Learn more…

Ruxandra Lupu – Italy/UK

Research project specialist, PhD researcher at the Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures – University of Leeds, UK. Learn more…

Elina Savolainen – Finland

Expert pattern designer, illustrator and product designer . Learn more…

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