Recent Projects

STIMULI – Designs stimulating children

Series of prototypes aiming to stimulate physical and mental activity for children and the family. More soon…

Cirkel Kids – Nordic design futures for children

Cirkel is a valuable resource for new parents and parents-to-be sharing information and research about sustainability aspects for Nordic children products, with a focus on “Scandi” fashion for kids. More

North at home

North at home is making use of Nordic cultural and educational items, physical and digital (mostly illustrated ones) to transmit the Nordic spirit and the themes associated to children and their parents around the world. More soon…


Nordic design futures for children


Biocolour -Exploring Sustainable Colour exhibition

Our work with children and families (Illustrious North/North at home) will be presented on the BioColour website in connection with the Biocolour -Exploring Sustainable Colour exhibition (in collaboration with the University of Lapland Faculty of Arts) at the Arktikum Science Centre and Museum in Rovaniemi, Finland from the 14.10-5.12.2021.

‘Virtual’ Dutch Design Week 2020

Wear-Abouts will be part of the next Dutch Design Week with WORTH Partnership Project in October 2020! This year’s theme is ‘The new intimacy’ and on this occasion we’ll present updated versions of @wear-abouts designs addressing augmented environments and including new partnerships… stay tuned!

IDC – Chasing Play Potentials in Food Culture

We will take part in the next IDC conference (Interaction Design and Children) 2020 edition – Chasing Play Potentials in Food Culture: Embracing Children’s Perspectives. A workshop exploring how food culture and traditions can inspire Interaction Design with and for children.

IDC – Design for the future – Smart toys +++

We will take part in the next IDC conference (Interaction Design and Children) 2020 edition – Smart Toys +++ workshop on the 18th of June and explore further the way quality interactions can be designed for children wearing/using Wear-Abouts products.

Milan Design Week 2020

June 2020 – Wear-Abouts educational garments and accessories presented at the Milan Design Week – Opificio 31!

WORTH WE Valencia 2020

The event will go over two days from the 6th – 7th of March 2020 and is packed full of industry personnel and the new generation of the WORTH community. Range of insightful round table discussions, inspiring lectures and amazing opportunities for networking that brings together all the WORTH stakeholders under one roof.

Helsinki Children’s Design Week 2019

13 – 14 – 15th of March 2019 – The event addresses the theme ‘a secret garden’ in relation with the Annantalo house shared garden and its ecosystem. https://www.helsinkidesignweek.com/events/childrens-weekend-a-secret-garden/

Illustrious Lab

Rethink the relation between children and their environments through illustration

Helsinki Children’s Design Week

Secret Garden workshops

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